Multi Channel Commerce Panel

Multi-Channel Commerce Panel

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Multi-channel Commerce

Embrace the era of seamless customer experiences across multiple channels. Discover innovative approaches to omnichannel retail, e-commerce, mobile commerce, and social commerce. Learn how to leverage data, analytics, and customer insights to create personalized journeys and drive sales across various touchpoints.

Fahim Siddiqui

EVP & CIO at The Home Depot

Rob Milstead

Chief Information & Digital Officer at JM Bullion

Ross Kimbel

Managing Director & Partner at Silicon Road Ventures

Pravat Rath

President at PragmatiK Advisory

Phil Stevens

Chief Strategy Officer at RKTech

Track Agenda

09/14/2023 | 1:10pm – 2:00pm EST

Opening Keynote

20 mins

Multi-Channel Commerce Panel

30 mins